Maple Trunk Chopping

California Bonsai Art

Probably the most utilized technique in bonsai is the trunk chop. It is no secret that chopping down a larger tree into a smaller tree will allow for a larger trunk quicker while allowing for the formation of taper into the regrown trunk extension. Sounds easy enough, but a good chop will be unnoticed in future years while a poor chop will be seen straight away. It is an easy thing to do so it is a technique that allows for practise to make one better.

This article will focus on the acer species, but can be utilized for many hardwood deciduous species also. Maple trees respond well to the chop with tridents being the best for the job. Their ability to bounce back quick, stretch and allow bark to flow, and cane extension to build fast makes them the best to get ones feet wet with. It is not uncommon to take…

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