Fall work at Shinpukuji Bonsai Museum


New Japanese Larch

I bought this Japanese Larch at a Auction down in Wales, for the benefit of the Dragon Club. I got the tree for around £80 I think.

It was collected a year or two before I picked it up and was originally styled by the Slovakian Bonsai Artist Pavil. A picture he drew also came with the tree.

Picture taken on the 9th November 2015:




And the drawing of the tree:



Here is the tree after the needles had fallen off but before styling on the 4th November 2015:


Realville gets a makeover

California Bonsai Art

This trident goes by the name Realville. Some day I wish to add small metal tags to the trees and number them so I know which ones are witch. Until that day I just name them. Not all of them have names but sooner or later something comes to me and it sticks. The name comes from the title of a blog post here I did a couple years ago. A search on the home page with “realville” should pull it up.

What I wish to do for this tree is shorten it up to maybe work as shohin. I think it will work but it will take a couple years to achieve. As it stands, the tree has a pretty good trunk and good taper. It has a terrible nebari and eventhough I tried to graft whips to the bottom, they failed and the base looks crappy still. I…

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Almost too late

California Bonsai Art

I looked over the trees on Friday and had a trip to the coast planned for Sat. The buds on the maples looked good and I felt I had some time to repot. Good…I can go to Santa Cruz on Sat. and repot the maples on Sunday. Got up Sunday and decided they would wait until next weekend. Big Mistake! Never put off to tomorrow what you can do with your lazy ass.

Came home from work today after a 74 degree day after the small rain storm on Friday and Sat. The buds on the tridents had jumped right over the swelling stage and bolted right to the green leaves unfurling stage. No time to lose, move the table into the yard, get the buckets of soil already made and wire for the pot this is “go time”.

The tree was already in a state that need repotting for…

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