Decandling shohin black pine


Losing trees #2, under-potting

Nebari Bonsai

It was a gamble trying to squeeze this shimpaku into a pot that was so much shallower than the previous two. However, it was a beautiful antique Chinese pot with a ton of patina. Were it 3/4″ shallower, it would be a perfect fit.

March 4, After:

Showing signs of stress 8 weeks later:


Notice how interior and weaker areas are yellow? What’s worse, is that the tree simply stalled out and wasn’t growing.
Time to intervene; I don’t want this to end with a loss. A deeper pot was prepared, and the shimpaku was slip-potted on May 1:



The soil used was 1:1 pumice and akadama.
Now, 6 weeks later in mid-June, the yellowing has ceased and new growth is beginning to appear:


While I didn’t lose the tree, I definitely lost the year for advancing the refinement.

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Spring leaves 2015

The first flush of leaves came out on the 3rd May 2015:


The leaves on the 6th May 2015 then began to shrivel may be due to wind burn or may just be due to the root ball not being in the best shape. I can now confirm that the tree is doing well and all leaves and grown back strongly

IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4496

Spring 2015

This pic was taken 19th April 2015:


Since this picture was taken I have let the bottom branches extend and kept the top in check. The more ramified the tree gets the smaller rye leaves are becoming.

To improve the nebari on the 30th May 2015 I decided to cut groves in some of the root splits to hopefully have new roots fill the gaps. I used a grafting knife to clean cut the top of the dremel groove and coved with rooting gel, I then back filled with akadama:

IMG_4654 IMG_4655 IMG_4656 IMG_4657