We all know the basic signs that are our pines are healthy – dark green foliage and long spring shoots. Green growth on a 12 year-old pine Vigorous spring shoot There’s another clear sign that pines are healthy that may not be as obvious. At first glance, the pine below looks like you would expect […]

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For black pine growers, late spring and early summer offer a lot of opportunity for improving trees. Healthy pine bonsai in the refinement stage are decandled. Depending on needle density after decandling, needles can be thinned and branches removed. If necessary, decandled pines can be wired, too. Like many bonsai techniques, wiring branches is stressful […]

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What is Akadama? Akadama is a fundamental component of bonsai soil. It is used throughout Japan as a potting medium for both bonsai and general gardening purposes. More and more, it is used around the world in the cultivation of bonsai. The term akadama is Japanese for the words “red” – the color of the […]

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Every year I try to post an update on this pine, around candle-cutting time (remember, do this 100 days before your first frost date). This is partly out of habit, and partly to shamelessly promote my book which is basically 100 captioned photos of this tree in the same spot becoming a bonsai over 7 […]

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