The fifth of five bonsai

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

The fifth of five bonsai is chosen without shaking on my hands. In this small fun series were I have chosen the five bonsai species among my favourites, the choice is Pine. it also i one of the most difficult trees to succeed as bonsai I find. There is numerous techniques to control the tree that one has to know, and at all the varieties there are different things to do. You just can´t do the same on all pine varieties.


Pines, Pinus, are very elegant trees as bonsai, that have a majestic powerful expression with the aged old bark and gentle green needles. Therefore it is among the king of trees in the bonsai world, and often chosen among favourites at bonsai exhibitions too. In the small tree world of shohin enthusiasts it often is a pine tree that is selected as main tree in a composition. There are…

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