Seeds taken on Jakub’s birthday


Last years effort to germinate JBP seeds failed with zero successes rate!

So I decided to get some seeds from another vendor, (guy in France called sandman), out of 266 seeds 108 floated, Picture taken 14th January 2015:

IMG_3136   IMG_3140 IMG_3141 IMG_3142


Sandman said to stratify all the seed even the ones that floated. Here is the seeds in the sandwich bag on the 21st March 2015 (Jakub’s birthday) the paper towels inside the bag where moist the whole 9 weeks. The were taken out of the fridge 1 week before this picture was taken but none of the seeds had cracked.



I planted them anyway cos it was his birthday.

IMG_3400 IMG_3399


Mix is 1:1 (compost:catlitter) and then covered the seeds with a little more CL.



So this is them on the 3rd May 2015


On the 31st May 2015 I did the cutting technique on some and just removed the tap root on others:

It was a mistake to replant them into compost\catlitter! over winter the seedlings got too wet and suffered. A lot of liver warts and weeds!!


On 12th March 2016 I did some more root work, wired and potted these up into individual pots. Note some of the seeds turned brown due to being over wet!

This is them on the 26th May 2016: