Japanese Larch 2


So I bought this tree at a the Dragon auction, these pictures where taken in the 9th November 2015

IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2965


This is the tree before wiring and styling… am also planing on cutting the top back to the branch leaning to the right for better taper.

IMG_3218 IMG_3219


Larch 2 Update

So these pictures where taken today of the Larch buds swelling. I like the green buds against the darker bark

IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3500

Here is the top off cut… I counted 22 rings means the tree is over 22 years old


He is the bud I will hopefully use to develop the second left branch, its the bud in the left crotch of the stump


Here is another bud from the trunk I would like to develop into a branch


and now the child trunk that I will hopefully develop over the next few years

IMG_3501 Larch 3