Trident Maple 1

I bought this tree from ebay in July 2012 for £10 and was planted in the ground:


It was let grow ever since, there it is as of March 2014:

IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1941


Trident Maple update and chop

So here is how high it reached, picture taken 18Oct2014 I was cutting the side shoots to encourage the leader to extend:


The next pics where taken on the 05Feb2015:

IMG_3224 IMG_3212

It thickened up by about an inch by the looks

 IMG_3198 IMG_3197

Chop made 01Mar2015:


Will now wait and grow out some new lower sacrifice branches and a new leader.

Post chop

So today 28th March 2015 i cut the whip back to the red line to force the growth back to the stump. I am hoping to ge a bud tp pop somewhere near the brown line for the next section of trunk.