Trident Maple 8

This Trident Maple was bought in July 2013 on ebay for £20 for each pot, without its clothes on in Feb 2014:

IMG_1841 Its the one on the far right

And in the March 2014 buds started to swell so it was taken out of the small pot, and root pruned and planted into a growing bed. I planted it on top of a tile. I put a 3cms of fresh 60/40 compost/Cat Litter mix on top of the tile before sitting the tree on top and arranging the roots that where left. No ties where used to hold the roots down.


Will be carefully watered over the next few weeks as the weather warms up and also because the majority of roots are still over the tile and not down into the ground. I have also added a sprinkling of Blood n Bone to aid root growth.

I have also noticed the bud leaves have burnt and turned black. I am told that this is caused by root pruning too late. Root pruning must be down when the bud first start to swell but before they break open. I have done this work about a week too late.

IMG_1959 IMG_1958