Why are my trees yellow?



Five Needle Pine – Quickly

Peter Tea Bonsai

Now that it’s September, we are starting to work on the Five Needle Pines.  For the last week I’ve been working on a lot of Trident Maples and Mr. Tanaka threw this one in the middle of it.  I was glad to work on it because I was starting to see Trident Maple leaves when I closed my eyes.  I was even starting to dream about them….  well no, not really.  Got you!  Anyways, I will write a future post about those Tridents in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that one.  In this post, I will give some general information  about Five Needle Pines and show some before and afters of my work and Mr. Tanaka’s adjustments.


Here at Aichien we start working on Five Needles Pines at the end of August through the Fall.  Things that we can do now are cutting the old needles, cutting…

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De-candling and Stuff!

Peter Tea Bonsai

De-candling and Stuff!

Now that Summer is in full swing, we’re moving away from the deciduous into the Black/Red Pine work.  During the Summer is the time we start to de-candle the many Black/Red Pines we have here at Aichien.  For new and seasoned Bonsai enthusiast, the concept of de-candling can be or still be confusing and misunderstood.  Black/Red Pines in general are more difficult to work on because of balancing issues and one of the most difficult trees to balance.  In this post, I’m going to talk about the concept of de-candling, when it’s applied, the results and the other details surrounding the concept.  I will also talk a bit about cutting back and thinning of the tree as well.  Of course, I’ll be sharing some pictures of the process.  This is by no means the definitive guide to de-candling which is normally best taught by a trained and…

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