Autumn needle plucking

Just wanted to thin out some of the needles shading the lower buds

IMG_5161 IMG_5162


Spring Candles

Picture taken 11th May. I will cut the candles in June:


Black Pine 5

This picture was taken in the 22nd February 2014 you can see the seedings on top of the shed.


On the 12th April 2014 I potted these seedlings into 20cm by 20cm pond baskets 50:50 (Akadama:Cat Litter) and added some root stimulant:

IMG_2043IMG_2046IMG_2049IMG_2050 IMG_2051IMG_2047

I’m going for a informal upright here and Im hoping for a few buds to pop a bit lower down the trunk to use them as sacrifice branches.


Here are all the seedlings potted up