Sowing the seeds

Once the seeds had been stratified in the fridge for around 6 weeks, on the 5th April 2014 I plantedĀ them in trays. Soil mix 60/40 (cat-litter/compost) with a layer of sharp sand 3cm deep.


I then used a ruler to dig lines into the sand.


I then placed the seeds in the tray 3cms apart


Finally I sprinkled sifted sand over the top to cover the seeds (a layer just as thick as the seeds themselves).

I have put them in full sun and cover them at night to protect against heavy rain. Am also watering them with Superthrive vitamin B root stimulant.


Black Pines from Seeds

On the 25 Febuary 2014Ā I took delivery of 400 Black Pine seeds. I boiled water and let it cool down a bit then put 100 seeds into the water and left them for 24 hrs.


The seeds that sunk I put into a moist sandwich bag with sphagnum moss and put in the fridge until the weather warms up