Japanese Maple (Multi trunk) Project

So I bought this from a guy who had it in his possession for over 25 years for £569 off ebay. In that time he unfortunately neglected the branches and didn’t bother repotting it for years! the top needs to be cut back and tree needs repotting badly.

Cut back will be done in Autumn after leaf drop and repotting in spring once buds start to swell.


Pictures 3rd May 2014


:IMG_2232 IMG_2233


IMG_2135 IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2138


On the 2nd August 2014 I decided to air layer the branches that where going to be cut off in the autumn anyway so fingers crossed they will take.


IMG_2499 IMG_2496


Late in the season so may leave them on till spring.



So after the removal of the air layers I repotted this tree on the 6th April 2015. This tree has not been repotted for years and looks like it only had been slip potted twice without any root work. this has caused a large solid thick ball of root under the tree. I was able to remove some of the roots underneath it but did not want to touch the roots above it this year.. I will do more work above the block of wood next repotting to see if I can get to the original nebari.


mesh from old pot


from underneath after removing matted roots

IMG_4302 IMG_3603

large block of fused roots from old oval pot, you can see the matted roots above the block that will need removing to get down to the original nebari


after repotting