Repotted my new Japanese Maple

So on the 30th March 2014 I repotted this maple I purchase a few weeks prior. I waited for the buds to start swelling but BEFORE the leave burst. You need to wait for the trees to send its energy it has been storing in its roots over winter up into the trees and its buds before you can re-pot (including cutting roots). The tree will then push out leaves and the leaves will start photosynthesising and sending foot back down into the roots, for this to happen the roots need to supply the leaves with water. If you cut to many roots off without reducing the foliage the roots will struggle to support the leaves and they will wilt etc.. The soil I used is 2parts Akadama / 2part Cat Litter / 1part Pine Bark


The rootball was rock solid, I couldn’t even put a chopstick into it. Most of the thick roots where doing laps around the outside of the pot. I cut some of the long thick roots but I didn’t want to cut off too much as I was not touching the foliage at all.


IMG_1981  IMG_1984

I tied the tree down using this method, much more secure that using 2 bits or wire. Remember to attach the tail wire for the last tie off.


This finished product. I will add some sphagnum moss to the surface to hold moisture in and help develop more surface roots to thicken up the nebari:


The buds broke around the 24th April:




Possible Future (Virt)

Picture taken 6th April 2014:


This is the possible virt taking out the branch in the inside of the upper curve.

The result (hopefully) in a few years of building the ramification.

Japanese Maple Twin Trunk copy

Japanese Maple 2


Bought this JM off Alan Harriman who used to own China Mist (Bonsai Pot maker) for £600.This is it in the boot of my car 6th April 2014:


And this is it on my bench a few weeks later. Picture taken on the 24th April 2014:


I had a attack of black fly, they sit on the stalks and under the leaves and suck the sap out of the tree which effects the leaves, especially the internal leaves. Picture taken 1st May 2014

IMG_2132 IMG_2131

So I treated it with Systemic Insecticide call Provado and defoliated to start all over again. Defoliation took three sessions or about 5hrs! pic taken 5th May 2014:


The tree was healthy and should push out a new flush of leaves within a few weeks.

Japanese Maple (Multi trunk) Project

So I bought this from a guy who had it in his possession for over 25 years for £569 off ebay. In that time he unfortunately neglected the branches and didn’t bother repotting it for years! the top needs to be cut back and tree needs repotting badly.

Cut back will be done in Autumn after leaf drop and repotting in spring once buds start to swell.


Pictures 3rd May 2014


:IMG_2232 IMG_2233


IMG_2135 IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2138


On the 2nd August 2014 I decided to air layer the branches that where going to be cut off in the autumn anyway so fingers crossed they will take.


IMG_2499 IMG_2496


Late in the season so may leave them on till spring.

Japanese Maple 4 (Shindeshojo)

I bought this material (£242 on eBay) off a guy who bought it off John Albright on 3rd May 2014 about 20 years ago. I don’t know how long ago the top died. Lovely pink colour on spring:




I air-layered the left branch and put the left air-layered branch closest to the fence to protect it from direct sun.

On the 21st June 2014 it had the below roots on the 6th August 2014 thats 7 WEEKS ONLY!!






IMG_2504 IMG_2505



Japanese Maple from AUCTION


I bought this little japanese maple at a club summer auction for about £25. This picture was taken 27th April 2014



This was the picture taken after branch selection, and first styling. The tree needs to be air layered to soften the lower trunk. Picture taken 14th June 2014


Once the leaf drop I cut out all the branches that where not in the correct place and also cut back the thick back branch that was too thick and ramification needs to start closer to the trunk. I also cut out the branches that had deep wire marks. Pictures taken 25th December 2014: