Repotting 2nd April 2016

I was not impressed with the results after cutting windows in the sides of this roots trees. I only found one decent root that had grown. a lot of finer roots had grown from between the roots which I left untouched.


What is Akadama? Akadama is a fundamental component of bonsai soil. It is used throughout Japan as a potting medium for both bonsai and general gardening purposes. More and more, it is used around the world in the cultivation of bonsai. The term akadama is Japanese for the words “red” – the color of the […]

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Losing trees #2, under-potting

Nebari Bonsai

It was a gamble trying to squeeze this shimpaku into a pot that was so much shallower than the previous two. However, it was a beautiful antique Chinese pot with a ton of patina. Were it 3/4″ shallower, it would be a perfect fit.

March 4, After:

Showing signs of stress 8 weeks later:


Notice how interior and weaker areas are yellow? What’s worse, is that the tree simply stalled out and wasn’t growing.
Time to intervene; I don’t want this to end with a loss. A deeper pot was prepared, and the shimpaku was slip-potted on May 1:



The soil used was 1:1 pumice and akadama.
Now, 6 weeks later in mid-June, the yellowing has ceased and new growth is beginning to appear:


While I didn’t lose the tree, I definitely lost the year for advancing the refinement.

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